Action Fun Club


What is Action Fun Club?

Our Action Fun Club (AFC) is for pupils who need some extra support to develop their concentration, balance and co-ordination skills. The AFC leaders follow a structured fun program with games and exercises, working on both left and right sides of the body (the children don’t need PE kit, normal clothes are fine). The group really makes a difference to the pupil’s confidence, self-esteem and concentration in class.


Who runs Action Fun Club and when does it take place?

The club is run by two trained members of staff – Mrs Cheryl Davis and Mrs Zoe Hill who plan and deliver the daily fun activities each morning (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) from 8.45 – 9.05am in the Key Stage 1 hall. The children go straight to their bases at 9.05am.

Who attends Action Fun Club?

The club has places for between 15 to 20  pupils. Some pupils who are in AFC may have specific difficulties such as dyspraxia, dyslexia or be on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD). Other pupils may have been referred by an occupational therapist (OT), other outside agency, the SENDCo (Miss Shankland) or their class teacher.

How are pupils monitored and assessed?

Pupil’s abilities are assessed daily and activities are adapted to ensure that all pupils make progress. Each term the AFC leaders along with the SENDCo (Miss Shankland) look at the impact that the activities are having on children’s progress in reading, writing and maths. Research and our own data tells us that such activities help children to develop in a wide variety of ways including their self-esteem, concentration and listening skills as well as handwriting and presentation of their work.