The Wellbeing Champions

The Wellbeing Champions are a group of children from Year 4 to 6, Miss Shankland and Mrs Nash (Governor). Their role is to work to ensure that school is a safe place to be and to teach children how to be safe in and out of school.

The children on the board wear yellow polo shirts and wellbeing badges so that other children can recognise them easily  in school and on the playground. They have regular meetings with Miss Shankland where they discuss important issues and decide how they are going to communicate them to the rest of school. So far they have presented a range of different safeguarding assemblies to the rest of the school.

Pupil voice discussions that took place and confirm that the children continue to thoroughly enjoy coming to school.  The children say things like

Our teachers are kind; they understand us and they tell us to do our best’

The children feel that their lessons are fun, and they particularly enjoy outdoor activities. Many children interviewed particularly enjoy Fridays because it is their turn to play on the school play park. The school play park is clearly extremely popular! Other popular subjects were French and mathematics. The children demonstrate very positive attitudes to their learning, they say that hard work and new learning is good for them! A pupil in Year 5 also said

“Lessons build over time and it all stays in your memory……… by the last session we get to know things really well.”

 The Attached Adviser observed excellent pupil behaviour on all her visits across the last academic year. Discussions with children who are Wellbeing Champions, also confirm that behaviour is very good in lessons and on the playground. This group of children were able to pinpoint that the good behaviour is largely due to the high levels of staff vigilance on the playground and the consistent use of the Rainbow Charts across the school. The children confirm that the school behaviour system rewards good behaviour and positive attitudes to work. The Wellbeing Champions can clearly articulate their impact. They specify the following:

 “Some of us are finding lonely people and left out people. We approach people who are sad and now they have friends.”

 “There is less play fighting and rough games because we tell them to stop. Playfighting is not allowed.”

 “I told my TA about a girl who was lonely and sad and how we are her play buddies.”

The School Council completed some remarkable work over the course of the academic. They have undertaken work related to the ‘Safer Stronger’ project to improve the community because the children did not feel safe to play in the community. As a result of this, CCTV has been installed in local parks, there are plans to develop a community library in the local community centre and barriers have been installed to stop motorcycles riding on footpaths. The work included members of the school council meeting with the local MP to share their concerns.   

The school is meeting the statutory requirements for Relationships Health and Sexual Education. During the last academic year, work in this area includes the production of a guide for parents and sending out a questionnaire to parents. Two hundred and thirty-five parents completed the questionnaire and the outcomes are very positive about the quality and importance of the offer.

Attached Advisor - Mrs S Noble 

PANTS Assembly

PANTs information for parents

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe and understanding that our bodies belong to us and no one else.

We have learned the Underwear rule!

The parts of our bodies that our pants and vests cover are private and belong to us.


Wellbeing Award 



Leaders have rightly placed an additional focus on teaching e-safety in this post pandemic period as they have realised that more of their pupils are more vulnerable when using social media. Discussions with the children confirm that they know how to stay safe online. Children say that they feel safe in school and there are no places that make them feel unsafe. They have no experience of bullying taking place in school. They know about the range of types of bullying that could happen and how to keep themself safe when online and using social media. They know about the NSPCC Pants campaign and can recite the number for child line. However, they are less secure when posed with stay safe scenarios, particularly those related to peer-on-peer abuse online and so leaders should increase the use of scenarios in an age-appropriate manner in assemblies and PHSE lessons.

Leaders have continued to ensure that the curriculum offer places an emphasis on making the right choices and keeping the children safe on the estate and online. In addition to the work of the School Council, the children are accessing 2 sessions on the dangers of knife crime and gangs from the St Giles project during the summer term and a representative from the Magistrates Court is visiting school. Year 6 also accessing Crucial Crew and STAR. 

Attached Advisor - Mrs S Noble 

Internet Safety

KS2 Internet Safety

KS1 Internet Safety

Sexting leaflet 2

If you want advice, help or to make a report about something that you have seen on the internet, then you can contact the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) by using the following link