Year 4 - Anglo-Saxon Workshop - 2023

Earlier this term, Year 4 had a visit from Oswald the Angle. He came to tell us about his life as an Anglo-Saxon. Throughout the day, we found out about everyday life as an Anglo-Saxon. We learnt about their food, their homes, their everyday life and even how they fought their battles.

The afternoon saw the children re-enact a famous battle between the Mercian armies of King Penda and the Northumbrian armies of King Oswald. The battle was eventually won by the army of King Penda who became the Bretwalda (Emperor King). As he had promised before the battle began, King Penda cut Oswald’s body up into pieces and scattered it among the branches of a tree. The spot where his body was cast became famous for its healing waters as became known as Oswald’s Tree (Oswestry).