St Giles Project - 2024

The St. Giles Trust visited Year 5 and 6 and discussed how unfortunately some children this age are making the wrong choices in life.
They discussed the importance of being able to talk to someone they trust.
Our children were spoken to about how it is not safe to carry knives and how easy it was to become involved in gangs.
Our children responded very positively to the session and took on all the given information in a mature and sensible way.
St. Giles Trust used their specially trained young ex-offender facilitator to encourage discussions, explore situations and consequences and build tools and strategies our children can use if they encounter any threats.
Our children were also told how gangs prey on the weak and that they should never feel at blame if something happens to them, they should always talk to a trusted adult and they are not the ones at fault.
The children were told about how leaving childhood and entering adolescence is always a tricky time, but they are precious years. There motto is that it is so important that every child should be able to look back on these years with happy memories.