Year 2 - Pedestrian Training - 2023

Today the children in Year 2 took part in a Pedestrian Training Course to help them stay safe when crossing the road.  The children started the day with a quiz to see what they already knew about road safety.  Then the children used actions and songs to help them remember The Green Cross Code.

Safety rules the children learned were:

  • A child should stand 30 cm away from the kerb when crossing the road
  • Adults walk on the side nearest to the road when walking on the pavement
  • Holding hands with an adult near roads or on carparks helps to keep us safe
  • Wearing bright colours will help drivers to see pedestrians



 The children went out on a local walk and put all these safety messages into practice.

We used a pelican crossing and made sure that the cars had stopped before we crossed and we continued to use The Green Cross Code even when the light had turned green.