top-10In William Reynolds School we study computing. It used to be called ICT. Here are our top 10 ideas for you to try out in school or at home.

1. Using a Bee Bot to learn about directions and distances. There is a free iPad app to download and a 69p app that is about pyramids. You can also program a robot called A.L.E.X. to move to a target position using a free iPad app.

2. Playing a free online game against a friend that involves pretending to be a mouse and collecting cheese. You will need to plan your route carefully.

3. Design a game using this free BBC site that you can then share. You can use the game toolkit to make tricky challenges for your friends to play

4. Programming a dinosaur to jump, move and change size. This is a free iPad app that allows you to touch the screen and shake the ipad to control the dinosaur.

5. Putting instructions in the correct order to create a simple computer program. You can try out activities for Year 1 – 6 from Expresso or J2Code

6. Putting instructions in the correct order to complete a task succesfully. For example, making a sandwich, crossing the road, brushing your teach and making some biscuits (example from Southall School here). This is called an algorithm.

7. Setting up a cheap, mini computer called a Raspberry Pi. Here are some William Reynolds students teaching you about this type of computer.

8. Create your own interactive stories, games, and animations using a free online program called Scratch. You can also download a free copy.

9. Create your own 3D world using a free programme called Kodu. Here are some examples (from Old Park Primary). A version for the Xbox costs £4.99

10. Write a computer program by typing in text. An example is using the language Python. You can do this by signing up to Codecademy or downloading a free iPad app

Why not give each site a start rating (out of 5) based on how much it helps you to learn about computing.

Bonus site: Mr Smith’s computing page