The use of technology is an integral part of our curriculum and provides pupils with the technological and communication skills they will need to live in our modern world. At William Reynolds Primary School we use computing skills across all curriculum areas. This involves using the internet to look at sources of information. This is done in as safe a way as possible, using search engines that are appropriate for children and under adult supervision. Part of our Computing curriculum is Digital Literacy and this strand focusses on E-Awareness providing pupils with the knowledge of how to keep safe when using the internet.

Our Computing Policy combines Computer Science and Information Technology allowing pupils to become digitally literate. We recognise the value of using technology to enhance the curriculum but also realise that pupils need to have a sound awareness of how to keep safe.



“We believe that we make a difference by creating a safe, healthy and stimulating environment of quality provision where our children feel and know how to keep themselves safe, happy and supported in their learning in school and in the wider community.” (Whole School Vision Statement)

To develop lifelong transferable skills through promoting curiosity, confidence and creativity whilst inspiring challenge.



Computing at William Reynolds Primary School

Foundation Stage

At William Reynolds Primary School, the Foundation Stage pupils investigate technology. Through exploratory play, children use technological toys and learn that they can make them work by pressing buttons and clicking on icons. They are taught how to complete simple programs which they use to support their phonics and mathematical skills. Through role play, discussion and stories children learn that technology can be used for a range of purposes across home and school. Technology is used in the Foundation Stage, by adults and pupils to capture ideas, thoughts and experiences through images and text. This is a fundamental part of the evidencing process which tracks the learning journey.



Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2


At Key Stages 1 and 2, the planning, organisation and delivery of the Computing Curriculum is supported using the Purple Mash Computing Curriculum.


In Purple Mash, children will learn about different programmes, coding, online safety, games and creative tools. All the activities that children will be given will be open ended to allow children’s creativity to flourish and allow the children to understand how different children and people express themselves.


At Key Stages 1 and 2 the Computing Curriculum is organised into the following aspects.


  • Coding and computational thinking
  • Internet and Emil
  • Databases and graphing
  • Art and Design
  • Spreadsheets
  • Communication and networks
  • Writing and presenting


These themes are mapped in a long term plan for the whole school and the learning objectives for each year group are linked to the programme of study and key skills are identified to ensure pupils make progress across each key stage.