Welcome from our Head Teacher

Dear Parent/Carer.

Your child’s education is of vital importance to you and to us. William Reynolds Primary School and Nursery is a learning community, working in an atmosphere of care, trust and respect, where staff and children feel nurtured, valued and supported by one another.

We provide a wide range of learning opportunities and challenges for all children, whatever their abilities. We want children to value their own achievements, both personal and academic and to celebrate the success of others. We help children to improve their skills and abilities with determination and persistence (just like William Reynolds, a local engineer), and be prepared to work to the best of their abilities both alone and in co-operation with others.

We recognise achievements through our reward systems and deal with all children in a fair and consistent way. Our Behaviour Expectations are clear and the Rewards and Sanctions are discussed and understood by all of the children.

If you wish to admit your child to the school, please speak to the School Administrator at the main office.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Irene Baxter Head Teacher