Summer 1

Our focus for Literacy this half term will be a narrative unit using stories from ‘Into the Jungle’ by Katherine Rundell, which we will use to create our own stories.

In our Maths lessons, we will continue to focus weekly on the four basic operations of maths as well as daily times tables work. We will also be continuing our focus on decimals and discovering how they are closely linked to fractions. We will also spend some of our lessons looking at money and solving problems that involve money and fractions.

In Science, we will be thinking about humans and animals. We will spend time thinking about the human digestive system, animal food chains and how animals adapt to their environment.

In Physical Education lessons, we will begin to develop our tennis skills as well as continuing our learning and skills development in cricket.

Summer 2

Our main focus for this half term is studying the Amazon rainforest. We will be looking at where rainforests are located around the world and understanding why they are there, before looking more closely at the Amazon Rainforest itself. Excitingly, we will also be taking the children on a Rainforest Safari in their first week back to help them discover more about the kinds of animals they might find living in the depths of the Amazon. We will then go on to look at the ecological and environmental issues linked to the rainforest and how we can play our part to help look after this incredibly important eco-system.

In Maths, we will be learning how to read and calculate differences in time, before going on to look at properties and positioning of shapes.

In Science we will be continuing to look at ‘All Living Things’ including how animals adapt to live in their natural habitat.

In PE lessons, we will continue to develop our skills and understanding of tennis, as well as spending time focussing on developing our athletic skills ready for our annual Sports Day.

Miss Shankland

Miss Shankland