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On Thursday 23rd June, the pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, of William Reynolds Primary School took part in their own EU referendum vote. Early this term they had taken part in assemblies which developed their knowledge and understanding of the EU. In total 295 children took part in this momentous occasion. The result was very close with 133 votes for remaining in the EU and 159 votes for leaving the EU.

Mr Tagg, a year 5 teacher at the school will be using his vote in the EU voicing the majority of the children’s choice.




Quotes from the Children

“ I enjoyed taking part in the vote and putting an x in the box.” Y3 pupil.

“I felt proud today.” Y1 pupil.

“I think we are strong enough on our own, so I voted to leave.” Y5 pupil.

“I think it’s good that whole school got to vote today.” Y2 pupil

“I felt worried because my family might vote different to me.” Y3 pupil

“I was a little bit worried because I hadn’t voted before. But I liked voting!” Y1 pupil.

“ I voted to remain in the EU, because my dad’s company is European and his job might rely on us being in Europe.” Y5 pupil.

“I like it because it is what adults get to do.” Y3 pupil.

“ I felt worried about not making the right vote. It was a new experience!” Y3 pupil.

“ I liked it because it gave us the chance to say whether we wanted to stay or leave.” Y3 pupil.

“ The reasons to stay or leave the EU in our Assemblies helped me choose.” Y2 pupil.

“I changed my mind right at the last minute.” Y1 pupil.

“I was undecided until I got to the booth, but decided to vote leave as I am worried about terroists.” Y3 pupil

“ I felt I had the freedom to choose what I want.” Y4 pupil.


This term (Summer 2016) Mrs Rawlings will be delivering her Tuesday assemblies based on the European Union. The children have the chance to understand what the European Union is and what the EU referendum is about. They will develop their knowledge about what the EU does and who belongs to it as well as the 5 top aims and their EU rights. After half term we will look at how the EU is run and is the union good for the UK. On 23rd  June 2016 , as the rest of Britain votes , the children will also have the opportunity to vote on whether they think Britain should stay or leave the EU. Please click below on the power point to see what your child is learning about. Each week we will add further power points so you and your child will have the opportunity to talk about and share in this momentous decision.


euopean 2

european 1

24/06/16 – Week 1

1 What is the EU

03/05/16 – Week 2

What does the EU do who is in the EU

24/05/16 – Week 3

5 top aims of the EU Your EU rights

07/06/16 – Week 4

Your vote

EU top trumps