School Vision

Knowing our school vision.

Summer term 2017

The School Council worked with pupils across the school to pick out the key messages of our school vision.

Pupils wanted;

  • Simple sentences;
  • Key words;
  • Images;

to help them remember aspects of the vision.

Step 1

School Council members worked in small, cross age range groups to develop simple sentences. The rule was that the youngest pupil in their group (Y1) could explain what this sentence meant. This was agreed with pupils and staff in school.

Step 2

School Council members then identified key words. Some of these words linked well with our secrets to success. These words were then picked out in the text. With this the council members suggested images to help pupils remember the key word.

Step 3

A power point was developed. 2 school Council members then shared this in a whole school assembly and attended the Governors Curriculum and standards committee.

Step 4

Mrs Baxter shared this with parents through the school newsletter.

Next steps for us next year

  • To document how this links to our Secrets of Success
  • Seek the views of pupils to show and tell how these vision statements work for us in school


Pupil School Vision Statements