Staying Safe

Reference is  made to the DFE document “Guidance for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in education settings” Oct 2015 when developing policies relating to Health, Safety and Safeguarding .


Code of conduct September 2015
Children in Care Policy Oct 2016
Speak Up Leaflet Jan 2014
Parental Licence Policy 2013
Attendance Policy June 2016
Health and Safety Policy February 2017

Safeguarding Policy Oct2017

Behaviour and Discipline Policy June 2017
Policy and Procedures to support independent toileting Feb 2016
Asthma Policy Updated June 2015
Anti-bullying Policy June 2016
Whose who January 2016
E-Awareness policy June 2017
Publication Scheme June 2017
Medical Needs Policy June 2016
Privacy Notice Jan 2015
Data Protection Policy June 2017
Freedom Of Information Act Policy June 2017
Educational Visits and Journeys Policy June 2015
Health and Safety Policy February 2017
Preparing for Life in Modern Britain Policy June 2017

Emergency Plan June 2017