Our Learning Spring Term Reception 2016

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Theme – Dragons



Come and have some Forest School fun

You are invited to come and join us at Forest School.

Please wear appropriate clothing (we do get a bit muddy sometimes!)

Week 1   123 Base Camp!  How Many? –  Chinese New Year story 

The animals are hungry can you collect the right amount food for the right animal?

Counting 1-12 forwards and backwards.

What’s one more , one less?

Sequence and recognize the numbers.

Work together.

Base 2 – Tuesday 12th January 2016

BASE 2 Chinese New Year FS 001BASE 2 Chinese New Year FS 011

Reading, counting and matching the correct number.

BASE 2 Chinese New Year FS 009BASE 2 Chinese New Year FS 008

Number formation.

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Base 1 – Tuesday 19th January 2016

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Week 2  Birds Breakfast         26.1.16 237                                

Base 2 – 26th January

Base 1-  2nd February

Explore the windy weather.

Winter time for our birds is hard  and finding food is tricky.

We explore the birds world using a bird  finger puppet, the children search our environment to find some worms (different coloured , lengths of wool ).

How many have you found?

Can you estimate?

Which one is short/shorter /long/ longer / longest ?

Why do you think its hard for birds to find food in Winter

Making crumble pastry maggots

Prepare , measure, mix and  shape some lard and flour maggots for our bird friends at home.

(Recipe for crumble pastry maggots is found on- What to do this season – Spring)

   26.1.16 238   26.1.16 239

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2.2.16 0312.2.16 024

Which way is the wind blowing?

2.2.16 0172.2.16 021

Hope the birds like these tasty treats!

2.2.16 0482.2.16 053

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Week 3   Dragon

Base 2 -Tuesday 9th February 2016

Base 1 – Thursday 25th February 2016

Using a variety of  materials to create a dragon.

Working with different textures, shapes and sizes of materials.

Using our maths language ( shorter, short, long, longer, longest, solid, chunky, flat, 2d , 3d shapes and properties).

Using our communication skills to share with others our thoughts, ideas and describing vocabulary.

Develop a character  for the dragon ( what’s their name? where do they live ? what do they eat? etc )

How are we going to build a dragon!

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IMG_3387       IMG_3386

IMG_3362      IMG_3385

Week 4  Nest Building/ Explore!

Base 2 – 3rd March

Base 1 – 10th March

Spring spots – how do we know Spring is coming ?

Building a nest for some eggs ( could be birds ,  could be dragons !)

Problem solving – what to build it with , where to build it , how big, how small etc.

Exploring our environment using our forest school resources and own knowledge to find suitable building materials.

Week 5 Family Forest School Learning

Base 2 – Thursday 17th March 2016

Base 1 – Thursday 24th March 2016

123 Where are you? 123 I’ m over here !

Forest school nature hunt

Flower pot Wellies