Seasonal Fun

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Summer Time Fun

Things to do-

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Shadow Dancing/Drawing

With the sunshine out see if you can find your shadow. With a friend draw around each other’s shadows you could use chalk on the ground or you could use paper and pens. Don’t forget to draw and dance in a safe place. Fill in the shadows with natural materials found on the ground (fallen leaves, grass , pebbles , twigs ) don’t forget to add the little details of your shadow friend.


Is your shadow always there? Where does your shadow come from? What do you need to make shadows and can you make your own?


Build a Den


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Go on a Bug Hunt

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Who lives in your garden? You may be surprised!
Don’t forget to look under things.
Draw a picture,write down who you find.
Describe them,what they look like.
Where did you find them?Where do they live.
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 Listen to the sounds of Summer
 What can you hear?
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Make a list – natural sounds/man-made sounds
Build a nest
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Collect lots of different natural materials to build your own nest.
How will you build it?
What materials will you use?
Build a bug hotel 
Collect lots of different materials to make an inviting home for insects.
Remember some insects like to hide in tiny dark spaces.
Here are some ideas,take a look.
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    Image result for homemade bug house
Image result for homemade bug house
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