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Wonderful World

 Nursery Forest School Spring 2018

 Wednesday morning


Session 2-Where’s my dinner! The Hungry Caterpillar

Today we are:

Becoming more independent as we get ourselves prepared for the session.

Looking at similarities and differences within the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Role-play the life cycle of the butterfly

Helping to feed the caterpillar by collecting as many leaves as we can. Estimating and then carefully counting how many leaves we have found.

Exploring and building confidence in a new environment.







The caterpillar makes herself a cocoon/chrysalis ready for the next stage of her life.

when ready out comes a beautiful butterfly.


Butterfly life cycle worksheet




Session 1 – Get ready, Be Safe and Explore.


We are becoming more independant.

We are exploring ,building our confidentence, staying safe  in a new environment

Noticing similarities and differences in the flora and fauna of Forest School

Learning to follow our boundaries and Forest School rules

Handling tools with increased skill and control.



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