William Reynolds Primary Power Point


Here are 10 top websites for learning about science. top-10

1. Woodlands Primary (Kent)

2. BBC Bytesize (KS2)

3. Science Clips (All Years)

4. Crickweb: KS1 and KS2

5. Science Topics (New Zealand Site) (All Years)

6 Children’s University (Manchester UK site) (KS2)

7. Science Videos organised in topics  (American site) (KS2)

8. Nature Detectives (UK site: Woodland Trust) (KS1 and 2)

9. Interact adventures (UK site) (KS2)

10. Science sites for teachers (UK site from Diane Hawkins) (KS2)

Why not give each site a start rating (out of 5) based on how much it helps you to learn about science.

Bonus site: Mr Smith’s science page