William Reynolds - What are we Learning this Term?

During this half term, our History topic will be Significant British Monarchs so, through Literacy, we will study various Kings and Queens (including Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II) the contribution they made to British society. In Mathematics, our focus will be to understand number and place value in order to improve arithmetic skills. Last year, a new arithmetic test was introduced to test the children’s written and mental methods so this will be a focus throughout the year. Furthermore, we will be focusing on rapid recall of times tables to 12 x 12. Science will be a study of Electricity where we will be focusing of making circuits and drawing circuit diagrams, using the correct symbols. During this unit, we will carry out investigations including how the number of batteries or type of wire affects the brightness of the bulb.

Outdoor P.E will be Netball on Thursdays. During indoor P.E all children will be undertaking swimming lessons on Fridays: a letter with further details will follow shortly.