William Reynolds - children’s learning


In Year 1 the children have been learning about position and movement during maths lessons. This has  linked well with out Geography learning about maps and directions.

This term we are learning about plants. Over the coming weeks we will be observing our plants growing as we undertake an independent investigation in small groups.

Our role play area is based on our theme for the term ‘The great outdoors’! This gives us more opportunity to learn about plants and minibeasts.












 During writing the lessons, Year 1 are working hard at using their phonics skills to spell words correctly including tricky words! One of our targets is to make sure that we are forming our letters correclty.  We are also trying to join our letters in the jarman style.





In Art we have been looking closely at the work of famous land artist Andy Goldsworthy. This inspired us to collect materials from our surroundings and create pieces of original art linked to our learning about minibeasts. We then developed our landart ideas into 3D sculptures of minibeasts.

For Design Technology we looked at and evaluated some existing moving pictures linked to our learning of traditional tales. We decided we could design and create our own moving picture book to share with the foundation stage children.