William Reynolds - What are we Learning this Term?

Spring 1st Term

This half term we will be learning about the Mayans. Covering our History topic, we will looking at where they lived (and still do) and their culture.

Our literacy work will be based around the book ‘Bill’s New Frock’. We will be writing recounts of Bills’ experiences and using the book as a basis for creating our own stories that raise issues and dilemmas.

During our science lessons we will be learning about Sound. The children will learn that  a range of vibrating objects produce different sounds and understand what is meant by the term `vibration’.

In PE the children will taught Dance and Hockey. Please make sure that your child has the correct sports kit (jogging bottoms for outside PE) so they do not miss out on these fantastic opportunities.


Spring 2nd Term

In this half term we will be continuing our work on the Mayan civilisation. We will look at the History of the Mayan Civilisation their cities and their way of life.

We will be tying in our literacy work with our science work on Electricity. We will be mainly focusing on writing explanations and instructions.

During our science lessons we will be learning about Electricity. The children will learn about different types of circuit and how to control them using switches. They will then use this knowledge to designs and construct a ‘Tomb Raider’s Torch’ in DT


Whole Term

Our whole school theme for the term will be ‘REACH FOR THE STARS’ and we will be using this to look at the children’s aspirations for the future throughout the curriculum.