William Reynolds - What are we Learning this Term?

During this half term, Literacy will be taught alongside our Geography focus, which looks at rivers and the different stages of a river and the impact it has on the surrounding environment. Our fictional writing will see us focussing on the work of Michael Morpurgo through a range of his stories and books.

In Mathematics we will focus our attention on applying and developing the knowledge we have gained so far this year, with a focus on solving puzzles and problems. A particular focus will be placed on using different types of measurement as the real-life context for our work.

During Science, we will be studying plants, learning about the different parts and the variables that can affect their growth and reproduction.

Other areas of study will include developing the children’s sporting skills in Hockey, Tennis and Athletics. Our music will, once again, be taught by the Music to the 4 teachers, who will be teaching the children to play a range of different instruments.