William Reynolds - What are we Learning this Term?


During this half term, Literacy will once again be taught alongside History and will mainly be focused on the Ancient Egyptians. We will study them through both fiction and non-fiction, looking at Egyptian gods and goddesses, the Egyptian hierarchy and writing stories based on a book about time travel.

In Mathematics we will continuing our development of the basic methods for the four main mathematical operations as well as working on developing the children’s understanding of place value (especially with decimals) and negative numbers. We will also be focussing on ensuring the children can work efficiently with Fractions and Decimals in a variety of different mathematical situations

During Science, we will be studying the relationships between the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Other areas of study will include further developing the children’s skills in Football and Gymnastics. Our music will, once again, be taught by the Music to the For teachers, who will be teaching the children to play a range of different instruments.