Staff in School


We have a strong and dedicated team of staff who work together to get the best from our pupils.

“Leaders and all staff are excellent role models. They engage with pupils in a manner that consistently embodies the high standards they rightly expect. As a result, pupils are polite and well-mannered, books are well presented and the stimulating environment is well looked after.”

Ofsted Inspection July 2017


School Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mrs Irene Baxter

Deputy Headteacher – Miss Julie Marriott – Mathematics lead

Assistant Head and SENDCo – Mrs Liza-Jane Rawlings

Assistant Head and Key Stage 1 phase leader – Mrs Hayley Lakin – Computing lead

Foundation Phase leader – Miss Nikki Tuffnell

Lower Key Stage 2 leader – Mr Richard Wood

Upper Key Stage 2 phase leader – Miss Ruth Blud – Science

Literacy subject leader – Mrs Langham

Teaching Staff

Miss Tuffnell


Mrs Lloyd Base 1 Reception
Mrs Dent Base 2 Reception
Miss Horne Base 3 Y1
Mr Perry Base 4 Y1
Mrs Lakin/Mrs Wilson Base 5 Y2
Miss Trow Base 6 Y2
Miss Burrows Base 13 Y3
Miss Walmsley Base 14 Y3
Mrs Bowen Base 11 Y4
Mr Wood Base 12 Y4
Mrs Shankland/Miss Chadwick Base 9 Y5
Mr Tagg Base 10 Y5
Mrs Langham Base 8 Y6
Miss Blud

Mr Raybould

Base 7

Base 15






Support Team

Administrative team

Mrs Jane Waters – School Business Manager

Mrs Kimberley Ray – School Administrator

Mrs Jo Mabbott – Assistant School Administrator

Mr Michael Evans – School Caretaker


Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs Eileen Copeland – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Smart – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tracy Houlders – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr Alex Bridgewater – Cover Supervisor

Mrs Nicola Brayne – Cover Supervisor


Pastoral Team

Mrs Debra Groucott – Family intervention worker

Mrs Pat Bailey – Learning Mentor

Mrs Lisa Preece – Nurture group leader


Foundation Stage Team

Mrs Karen Pooler – NNEB – Nursery team leader

Mrs Megan Bourton – Forest School leader


Key persons Key Stage 1 team Key Stage 2 team
Miss Lyndsey Cosby

Mrs Jenny Banks

Mrs Debbie Westbrook Witney

Miss Tazeem Mushtaq

Mrs Julie-Ann Wood

Mrs Rebecca Hartshorne

Mrs Rachel Allen

Mrs Jo Barnard

Mrs Teressa Edge

Mrs Carol Smith

Mrs Sue Smith

Mrs Kerry Leddington

Miss Fiona Reilly










Mrs Rachel Bailey

Mrs Zoe Hill

Miss Gemma Dyson

Mrs Ellie Bauld

Mrs Cheryl Davis

Mrs Marta Golda

Mrs Yvonne Parsons

Miss Yvonne Sleath

Miss Stephanie Spencer

Miss Courtney Bewick

Mrs Louise Chantler

Mrs Jane Candlin

Mrs Zoe Humphries

Miss Julie Bailey





Lunchtime Supervisors

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Ms Sharon Walker
Mrs Joan James
Mrs Diane Holford
Mrs Gemma Causton
Mrs Joanne Barnard
Miss Isla Watton
Mrs Janet Park
Mrs Yvonne Parsons
Miss Trudy Allworth
Mrs Cheryl Davies
Mrs Ellie Bauld