Keeping children safe

The Children’s Safeguarding Board

The Children’s Safeguarding Board are a group of children from Year 4 to 6, Mrs Lakin and the Safeguarding Governor, Kerry Brownhill. Their role is to work to ensure that school is a safe place to be and to teach children how to be safe in and out of school.

The children on the board wear yellow polo shirts and safeguarding badges so that other children can recognise them easily  in school and on the playground. They have regular meetings with Mrs Lakin where they discuss important issues and decide how they are going to communicate them to the rest of school. So far they have presented a range of different safeguarding assemblies to the rest of the school.


What is Safeguarding?

The Children’s Safeguarding Board introduced themselves and explained their new role.

What is Safeguarding



PANTS Assembly

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe and understanding that our bodies belong to us and no one else.

We have learned the Underwear rule!

The parts of our bodies that our pants and vests cover are private and belong to us.

Keeping Safe 2018


Internet Safety

The theme for this year’s E-Safety week was Create, Connect and Share respect

Safer Internet Day 2018 – Assembly Presentation for 7-11 year olds

Safer Internet Day 2018 – Assembly ks1




Sexting leaflet 2









More Information –

National Child Safety Week Info Sheet

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