Summer Fun

Come outside , take a look!

Summer Fun

Look -can you spot any different kinds of bees buzzing about.

Watch-as the bees collect the pollen from the flowers.

Remember don’t get to close!

Image result for queen bee on a flower
Look up-get cloud spotting. What objects and shapes can you see?
Can you-make up a sky story?
Explore colour-pick a colour and see how many things you can find .
Which colour was the easiest to find, which colour was the hardest?
Why do think that is? 
 Image result for rainbow
Get mixing-collect fallen leaves and petals to make a magic potion.
Image result for magic potion
Get sniffing- exploring the flower scents. Do they smell the same?
which one is your favourite?
Image result for leaf Image result for rose petal  Image result for grass
Make –you own mini garden.Using a container for a base(old box,tub or tray) collect natural objects(soil,sticks,stones,leaves,pine cones etc) to make your garden.Add more detail you could draw your own characters or maybe use your toys.
 Image result for children mini garden    Image result for children mini garden  Image result for children mini garden


Updated 26.6.17 M Bourton