Our Learning Spring Term Reception 2017 – Autumn/Winter 2016-2017

Spring Term 2017

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Reception- Base 1 and Base 2

On which days do children need their Forest School Kits?

Base: 1 and 2

Wednesday: In Reception Forest School will be on a WEDNESDAY. Please can you send your child to school in warm clothes wearing extra layers as they will be outside all morning. Also can you please send in wellingtons, waterproofs , hats, gloves and scarves as we will go out whatever the weather. Can you also send in their school uniform to get changed back into after Forest School. A list of dates when your child’s base is participating in Forest School is listed below.

Base 1                                          Base 2 

1st March                                   8th March

15th March                                22nd March

29th March                                5th April

Session 1 -After the storm-Percy the Park Keeper.

Busy builders using a range of tools and materials we create homes for the animals.

Working together using our fine and gross motor skills to handle tools safely with care and control.

Using our communication skills to plan, prepare and build.















Session 2-Soups Up-Camp Fire Cooking

Exploring different vegetables, we prepare and cook a tasty healthy snack.

Looking at similarities, differences and change.

Handling tools with skill, control and safety.

Keeping ourselves safe around the fire pit.

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Session 3-Scavenger Hunt- Family Fun at Forest School

We invite our families to come share our forest school experience.

Working together we search the site collecting items and gathering information.

Gathering at base camp to enjoy a chat and well deserved  hot chocolate.

Forest School 16-20 Jan 044






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Winter Term

Reception- Base 1 and Base 2

This term we will be exploring the similarities ,differences, patterns and change we experience in winter.

Managing risks, keeping ourselves safe and warm by the camp fire.

Working together as a team to over come challenges and problem solve.

Foundation Theme this term is the stories of Percy The Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth and Percy’s super hero friends.

Session 1 -One Stormy Night by Nick Butterworth

Base 1-11th January 2017

Base 2-18th January 2017

We explore the Wild Wind

Reminding ourselves how to keep safe, manage risks and keep ourselves warm.

We create a bird kite carefully designing, cutting and joining.

We look closely at the similarities and differences of a Swallow and a Peregrine Falcon.

Can we fly our kites inside? What happens?

12.1.17 284  12.1.17 288  12.1.17 287 They flew!

Forest School 16-20 Jan 006  Forest School 16-20 Jan 038 Forest School 16-20 Jan 047

Forest School 16-20 Jan 032

12.1.17 286 Exploring the wind .


Session 2 -The Rescue Party by Nick Butterworth

Base 1-25th January 2017

Base 2-1st February 2017

Forest School 16-20 Jan 054

Our Mission- today is to rescue our Forest School friends! Along the way we must face challenges and collect supplies.

Using our literacy skills to read our supply list .

We will be working co-operatively in small teams supporting each other along the way. Moving confidently with good co-ordination, safely, negotiating space and obstacles.

b2 b1 017 b2 b1 016 b2 b1 015

We crawl through the dark tunnel, carefully balance over the stepping stones, in and out the cave then its off to rescue our animal.

Session 3 -Birds Breakfast

Base 1-8th February

Base 2-15th February

Our focus today is on the wild birds in our environment. What are their needs and how can we help them through the cold winter months . Using our skills to prepare and make a tasty treat for the birds to eat. 

We play the game Birds Breakfast. With our blackbirds using our pincer grip we explore the site looking for woolly worms.

Making estimations with a friend how many do you think I have?

base 2 539




base 2 541







Careful counting

Looking at length

Short, shorter, shortest ,long , longer, longest

We used a base line to measure

Time for some chopping, mixing, stirring and squishing.

base 2 546

base 2 548








 base 2 553






A tasty treat to help the birds through a cold winter.

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Classic Autumn Leaves Wallp TLG

Autumn Term 2

Reception- Base 1 and Base 2

Session 2- Fire Safety/Exploring the season of Autumn

We are learning how to keep ourselves safe while we keep warm and cook on the camp fire.Showing our understanding to tackle new challenges and manage some risks.


IMG_0169  IMG_0163


We use the 10 second rule when the marshmallows are cooked so they have time to cool down before we eat them.

Exploring the season of Autumn –

How do you know its Autumn?

Why is it happening? Looking for signs

What happens to some of the wildlife in Autumn?

Looking at similarities ,differences, patterns and change.

Each week the groups have an opportunity to use the skills they have already learnt in the 1st session independently.

forest school 001

What has happened to your marshmallow now its been cooked?

” Its gone all sticky, look its stuck to my gloves”

forest school 008

We remember to use the 10 second rule before we taste our marshmallows.


forest school 012

Photograph taken by Tommy B1

Look who we found keeping warm by the fire pit.

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Autumn Term 1 
Reception- Base 1 and Base 2
Session 1 -Explore the forest school site and learn how to use simple tools competently and appropriately.

Walking the boundary spotting points of interest in the environment remembering the forest school rule-

You don’t go over it, you don’t go under it, you don’t go through it,

and you don’t rip it !  Stay safe inside it.

We played the game 123 Where are you? 123 We’re over here! Building our confidence and a sense of security in ourselves and the site.

We learn how to correctly use the investigating tools-magnifying glasses, binoculars, pooters (bug pot) and bug viewer.

IMG_0037    IMG_0038    IMG_0021

099    100     083

We learn how to safely handle a camping mallet using the different pegs to secure a tarpaulin in the ground to help us with den building.

IMG_0031     IMG_0028    091

27.9.16 013   27.9.16 012   27.9.16 016

12.10.16 023   12.10.16 021   12.10.16 025

27.9.16 021    27.9.16 023   7-10-16 152  27.9.16 017 089  7-10-16 146  7-10-16 147  7-10-16 144

We learn to share equipment with each other taking turns. We are showing increasing confidence, care and control while using the Forest School tools. Working together, finding different ways to manipulate materials to create a den.

Hot chocolate and snack in base camp then off to explore the site at our own pace. What can you see?

forest school 068    082   090

27.9.16 008     27.9.16 009   27.9.16 010

12.10.16 027 Photograph taken by Sharna from B1


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